3 Bedroom Moving Kit

25 x Medium moving box (Stock 25 - 450 x 300 x 300mm)

15 x Large Heavy duty box (Stock 600 DWB - 600 x 400 x 400mm)

25 x  Small/Medium moving box (Stock 24 x A2 1/2 - 400 x 300 x 230mm)

1 x TV Box (Storage TV DWB - 1360 x 220 x 800mm)

1 x Large Bubblewrap roll (1200mm x 100m)

1 x Unprinted Newspaper Bale - 10kg

2 x SFK kraft paper wrap (100mm x 100m)

5 x Tape (Clear or brown) - 48mm x 100m

3 Bedroom Moving Kit

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    The 3 Bedroom Moving Kit is the largest and most extensive moving kit in our selection.  It is ideal for your small family's moving needs. This kit has a variety of boxes and packaging materials to ensure that your precious belongings are packaged thoroughly and safely.


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